Please read everything here or you might get in trouble at checkout or you might accidentally loose access to build you box. 

You might have noticed that our Heima Box has changed a little bit and we are not offering build your box as a subscription anymore. Everyone else can still build a box but it's only for regular one time shopping. You can read more about it here (link coming soon). 

You will be able to build your box as long as you keep your subscription and you build your box every month. If you don't build your box for a couple of months you will only be able to continue to receive the mystery box. 

Remember you can add items up to $140 into your box. 

You will need to go through checkout and it will look a little different now. If the price doesn't automatically slide to $0 you need to use the discount code: OLDLARGE otherwise it will try to charge you for your box. You cannot mix your cart with any other item.  

You will still receive free standard shipping and when we move to Iceland you will still get free shipping. Don't worry about the website telling you anything else, that's for new subscribers.