No Handed Bike Club Patch

No Handed Bike Club Patch


Do you like bikes? Can you ride your bike with no hands? Do you hope to one day be able to ride your bike with no hands?

Then you're in the No Handed Bike Club!! Snag this patch and show the world that you need zero hands to ride your bike.

Iron-on backing. Measures 3.25" tall x 2.6" wide


Mokuyobi develops their products from scratch with a high focus on functionality and ultimate radness. They know that when you buy something you love, you want it to last forever. So Mokuyobi offers a lifetime guarantee from manufacturer's defects on all of their products. 

Color and usability are frontiers that they are always exploring and enjoy taking a different approach to bag shapes, styles, and palettes that haven't been done before.

Mokuyobi or 木曜日 (もくようび) means Thursday in Japanese. They are based in Los Angeles, CA and all of their products are made in the USA. They designs bags, accessories, and general radness for the Super Beings of Earth and beyond. They are led by the desire to create something different and new using bold colors, magic, and awesome sauce.

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