Licorice Icelandic Lava Salt Soap

Licorice Icelandic Lava Salt Soap


Anise Celtic Sea Salt Bar with Icelandic Lava Salt | Lava Soap | Salt Bar | Clay Bar with Activated Charcoal For Oily Skin. Licorice lovers, this is for you! The soap is topped with actual lava salt from Iceland making it an ideal lava soap. Activated charcoal is mixed in with all the other natural ingredients, giving it a grey-black appearance. This bar is a great size for the shower and can be used by either men or women. A great post-work-out bar, this can even tag along to the gym with you! 

 Ingredients: Coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, Celtic sea salt, anise star essential oil, activated charcoal, kaolin clay and Icelandic licorice lava salt. 

 Approximately 4 oz - 4 .3 oz in weight. Our soaps are handmade and handcut. They might differ a bit in shape and color from the ones shown in the pictures.

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