Coffee, tea, me? Cup Oh what a friendly face / Blue

Coffee, tea, me? Cup Oh what a friendly face / Blue


There’s a new tiny face in the friendly forest family. This cutie-pie is called Sir Blackberry and even though he’s all blue he’s definitely no blueberry.

Design by: Elisabeth Dunker & Cecilia Pettersson
100% porcelain. 
17 cl / 5 3/4 inch. 
Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Packed in eco-friendly gift box.

They are the result of a nice collaboration between designers Elisabeth Dunker and Cecilia Pettersson.

The designer explain the design process:

We knew the shape of the cups and that they would be without handle. That "opened up" for designing some kind of character. We, Elisabeth and I, wanted to collaborate and since we both had worked with the Swedish forest as a theme in our previous design it felt natural to continue on the same path. The cups are the little creatures that live in the forest. The brown one is the cone, the pink the toadstool, the yellow the chanterelle, the green one moss...

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