Basil & Mint Seed Coins

Basil & Mint Seed Coins


Everyone's favorite herbs together- Basil & Mint!

Basil serves at a wonderful finishing touch to many dishes. The popular herb can be used in a Thai inspired coconut milk curry, add flavor to stewed tomatoes, or as the base of a pesto.

Mint is another popular aromatic herb. It can be used fresh in desserts and beverages alike. The dried leaves can also be steeped in hot water for a refreshing tea. Lovewild Design recommends blending the fresh leaves with ice, agave and lemon to make a mint lemonade. Pairing fresh mint with whipped cream and berries makes for an easy and delicious dessert.

These basil & mint seed coins are made of recycled paper pulp embedded with seeds. Each coin is printed with letterpress and tied in a stack of 20 coins fastened with hemp twine. The set is tucked in a gift bag with planting instructions.


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