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A Personalized Nordic Subscription

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So Much New!

Every day of this week we will be introducing something new about The Heima Box subscriptions. We are launching the childrens subscription again, new options for gift subscriptions, new subscriber area, new style quiz, 25% off to Heima Market for all subscribers and more. Stay up to date to all this newness by reading our emails, go to our website and follow us on instagram.

Today we are re-introducing our incredibly popular pre-paid subscriptions. This is the best way to get a huge discount on your Heima Box. If you pre-pay 3 months you get 10% off, 6 months you get 15% off and 12 months you get 20% off.


Pre-paid subscriptions are back

Save up to 20% off your subscription.


Go to the new subscriber area

Build your Heima Box, take the style quiz and much more.


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Heima means “at home” in Icelandic. I’m from Iceland and when I moved to the USA I wanted to create a nordic experience based upon the modern trendy lifestyle of the Nordic countries. The Heima Box became an instant success and has subscribers from all over the world. It includes items imported from Scandinavia and Iceland as well as hand picked items from all over the world that fit into the Nordic lifestyle and could be seen in a regular Nordic home. The Heima Box is a unique, individually curated, subscription experience. I hope you will love your Heima Box or give it to someone you care about. - Dögg