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WE will re-open very soon from ICeland!

We are moving all the shipping to Iceland and launching Heima Box Vol.3 very soon and adding a childrens box and a lifestyle hygge box this fall.

We are not accepting any new subscribers at the moment and are working on shipping out all pending orders at this time.

We just had a baby so we are running a little bit behind on customers service and shipping but don’t worry every email will be answered and every order will be shipped.

If you need to contact us please use the form below.

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Heima means “at home” in Icelandic. I’m from Iceland and when I moved to the USA I wanted to create a nordic experience based upon the modern trendy lifestyle of the Nordic countries. The Heima Box became an instant success and has subscribers from all over the world. It includes items imported from Scandinavia and Iceland as well as hand picked items from all over the world that fit into the Nordic lifestyle and could be seen in a regular Nordic home. The Heima Box is a unique, individually curated, subscription experience. I hope you will love your Heima Box or give it to someone you care about. - Dögg